Purchase / sale of construction machinery

OMNIPORT GmbH deals with the trade as well as the mediation of construction machinery and commercial vehicles. We evaluate your machine and make you a fair offer. If you are still not satisfied with the offer, we offer to sell the machine for you. Together we will then try to achieve the best possible price!

Your advantages through our mediation

Thanks to access to the best known and largest online portals, we have the opportunity to present the goods internationally and thus address a wide range of customers. Thanks to our know-how, language skills and flexibility, we are always in contact with our customers. To make the business as customer oriented as possible, we offer to transport the machines worldwide to, but also from the customer at a reasonable price. Customs formalities, registration matters, etc., are also carried out by us on request.


Top machines from German ownership!

Each offered construction machine has been inspected, appraised, and prepared for sale by us before purchase.
The read off operating hours correspond to the technical condition of the machine.
Ready for use and usually from first or second German ownership.

QUALITY is of utmost importance for us.

*unless otherwise stated, subject to change and errors.